In September 1973, I drove the Alcan to Fairbanks in an MG midget, bouncing between potholes.  Alaska has been good to me – I’ve had the opportunity to join a union, learn and work in a trade, work for the Borough Mayor and serve on the Assembly.
I’m running for the State House because I want to make sure our citizens continue to have the types of opportunities I had to thrive in our community.
Meet Kathryn Dodge



During my eight years as the Borough Economic Development Specialist, I wrote a regular review of our local economic conditions for the mayor, assembly members and business leaders. I also led the development of a plan to improve our economy and worked with a variety of partners to implement it.

For example, I worked with the Downtown Association on a vision for revitalizing the core business area, partnered with Explore Fairbanks to recruit the Alaska Federation of Natives to bring their Annual Convention back to town and supported the successful effort to keep Eielson open when it was slated for closure under the 2005 Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) process.


From the Mayor’s office, the Cold Climate Housing Research Center (CCHRC), and on the Assembly, I’ve been working on public policy for 15 years.  In the Mayor’s Office I challenged the US Census Bureau’s population estimate – proving we were undercounted by close to 9%; updated the Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy that helped CCHRC and the Pipeline Training Center get funding to build their respective campuses.

At CCHRC we documented the paybacks homeowners realized from their investment in energy efficiency. On the Assembly I’ve worked on animal cruelty legislation, cannabis regulations, air quality, and many other public policy issues.


I believe that listening to the concerns of local residents results in legislation that best fits our community’s needs and style. While on the Assembly I worked with concerned citizens to help reinstitute animal cruelty laws after a senseless shooting killed two neighborhood dogs.

I also worked with Assemblymember Diane Hutchison to change the laws so that citizens can file anonymous complaints without fear of retribution or harming neighborly relations.

Kathryn Works on Policy

My Vision for Our Future

My vision for Fairbanks is a vibrant, prosperous community with a great quality of life. I believe in well-funded schools, a vibrant downtown and a variety of entertainment options.

My vision also includes a diverse economy with good paying jobs that generate resources which can be invested to support the community that we all want.

“I promise to work with my colleagues to find common-sense solutions to our shared problems; solutions that provide the basis for good jobs in a strong economy.”