As I’ve walked our neighborhoods and spoken with many of you, I’ve heard concern about whether our schools are being adequately funded. I agree that a good education is the foundation for a good job and a good life and I will support full funding as your Representative in Juneau. This includes:

  • Access to an excellent education for all children
  • Create a strong Alaskan workforce by investing in the trades and University
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Access to an Excellent Education for All Children

There have been way too many pink slips sent out to school teachers and staff in our community and state. These are unnecessary and upsetting to the employees, students and families. We lose good teachers and staff and our families lose confidence in our school system. This must stop! I support forward funding the schools at a level that includes music, activities, AP classes, counselors etc.

We must have access to educational opportunities that prepare us for our careers, whether through internships, vocational training, certificates or college degrees. We need to be able to readily access affordable, quality post-secondary education/skills training to develop a workforce and economy that is good for businesses and employees.

Create a Strong Alaskan Workforce by Investing in the Trades and University


We need to consistently fund our university system. At present, our University system is at risk of losing its credibility with students and their families, faculty, and the research community that help make the University of Alaska such a great University. We need to turn this around.

Students that attend UAF are more likely to stay in our community once they graduate. UAF research brings in federal dollars that support our community and creates opportunities for our students and faculty. We need to ensure they have matching funds and adequate facilities to conduct their research.


Many of the good jobs in our community require vocational training or certificates. We need to ensure that our vocational training and certificate programs are adequately funded so our youth have opportunities for good-paying skilled jobs and our businesses have the highly competent workforce they need.