Alaskans Support Kathryn Dodge

Endorse Kathryn!

I support Kathryn because I have seen her carefully consider multiple viewpoints from community members and make decisions from a place of servant leadership.

Brenda Riley

I’ve spent several hours walking my Aurora neighborhood with Kathryn as she knocked on doors introducing herself. She always asked, “What are your concerns?” and then she listened. That’s the kind of person we want to be our representative–a listener, and then a doer.

~ Marilyn Richards

Kathryn has been a steady and reasoned leader of the Fairbanks North Star Borough Assembly. She listens to her constituents, crafts solutions, and builds consensus. I especially appreciate her commitment to public safety.

~ Doug Schrage

Kathryn is honest, truthful and has never told me something that she didn’t’ follow through on.

~ Wendy Dominique

I care most about our economy, and Kathryn has the vision, experience, and values to lead us in the right direction.

Mark Billingsley

Kathryn is very experienced in local government and will work hard to represent the interior.

Karen Parr

What I appreciate about Kathryn is that she always carries her personal convictions with her, while always making time to listen to her constituents’ concerns. I always trust that Kathryn will make a well-reasoned decision; and if it’s not the most popular, it will be the most thoughtful.

Liz Lyke

I’m endorsing Kathryn because we need a strong voice for labor to continue the fight for all working Alaskans. Kathryn comes from a lifetime of working side by side with Alaskans just like our members. She knows Labor issues firsthand and will fight with tenacity to ensure fair policies for all workers. Kathryn has served on our Borough Assembly and has demonstrated sound judgment, fairness, dedication and honesty. Kathryn is also one of the hardest workers I have met. Join me in sending the most qualified candidate for District 1 to Juneau!

Scott Eickholt


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