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Jobs & Economy

I’m committed to working with my fellow legislators to develop a sustainable budget that provides a foundation for job growth, funds education, public safety and our state’s infrastructure. This will restart our economy – creating good jobs and a level of confidence that will lead to more investment and jobs.

  • Develop a sustainable financial plan
  • Work with communities across the state to make strategic & sustained infrastructure investments to fuel it
  • Manage Alaska’s resources responsibly
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Kathryn Dodge Supporter

Strong, Healthy Businesses are a Foundation for a Strong Healthy Community

They provide the jobs that help us support our families, charities and community.

Strong, healthy businesses require affordable energy, a trained workforce and a stable fiscal environment so they can count on basic things like fire, police, snow removal, schools, etc. As an elected official, even when we don’t look like we are talking about strong businesses, we are making decisions that impact the business environment and we need to keep that in mind. We need to start by making decisions that create a stable fiscal environment that helps businesses and families feel confident that their government is providing the basic services that they need to prosper.

The Fairbanks economy has many bright spots: growing tourism, Ft. Knox mine expansion, university research and commercialization, F-35 related construction and in the future operation of the two F35 squadrons. This is good for our businesses and is creating good paying jobs in our community. As your Representative I will work closely with community members, fellow legislators and the governor to ensure that we maximize similar opportunities for our community and Alaska.

Develop a Sustainable Financial Plan

Creating a sensible financial plan will help Alaskans regain their confidence in our economy so Alaskan businesses and families will resume investing in our communities.

Our families, friends and neighbors need fiscal stability to feel confident investing in their businesses and homes. If they know the government will consistently fund our schools and our troopers and maintain our roads – they are more willing to make Fairbanks and Alaska their home and invest in their future here.

Work with Communities Across the State to Make Strategic & Sustained Infrastructure Investments to Fuel It

After forty years of spending our oil income, we have few lasting infrastructure improvements to point to, especially infrastructure improvements that provide the foundation for an expanded and diversified economy. We’ve missed opportunities to build things like a railroad to Canada or the North Slope, an LNG pipeline or a high-speed communication system. These are big, long term investments that only come to fruition when an administration and legislature adopt a long-term strategy to invest in these foundations for future economic opportunity. We need to begin doing this in a consistent, programmatic way.

Manage Alaska’s Resources Responsibly 

 I have worked on the North Slope and for Alyeska where I saw responsible resource development. I have maintained equipment that was put in place to ensure we didn’t have catastrophic impact to our environment. I have seen the caribou seek relief from mosquitoes on gravel pads. I know it can be done and support responsible resource development with adequate, timely, local input.