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Public Safety

We all want to feel safe in our homes and on our streets. Neighbors tell me their kids can’t play in the streets because people drive too fast. Others have shared their experiences with car break-ins and thefts in their neighborhoods. As a community member, these issues concern me greatly. As your Representative, I will take these concerns to Juneau and ensure your voice is heard as we make funding and legislative decisions about police, street lights, speed bumps, sidewalks and roundabouts.


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Fund and Train Our Law Enforcement Professionals

Our families and businesses need to know that if they need a state trooper to respond to an emergency, they will be available to help then, not days later. I am committed to funding them at an adequate level.

Support Safe Streets for Our Families

Many of the neighbors I have spoken with during my campaign tell me that they worry about their kids being able to safely play around their homes due to speeding cars. I support working with neighborhoods and DOT to develop adequate and appropriate road calming mechanisms appropriate to each neighborhood – with neighborhood input!

Develop and Implement Solutions to Our Communities’ Concerns, Including the Opioid Epidemic and Mental Health Needs

I support the efficiencies and fairness that SB91 endeavored to bring to our community. I attended the Fairbanks Correctional Center Community Listening event and heard about the impacts of holding people when they can’t make $1,000 in bail. Disrupting the lives of low level offenders only makes it increasingly difficult for them to restart their lives when they get out. I think letting people out who aren’t a safety or flight risk makes good sense and is best for all. There may be tweaks that need to be made and I will work with my fellow legislators to craft policy that respects your concerns about public safety and does not perpetuate a cycle of incarceration that costs our community and the state dearly.

Our community has a mental health crisis and limited resources to help people in crisis. We have a Mental Health Trust Fund set up to help Alaskans experiencing mental health crises. As your Representative I will work with them to ensure they are delivering adequate mental health services in our community.