Kathryn Dodge laughing with a volunteer

We Need Your Help!

We need volunteers like you to help us spread the word about our next mayor! 

Tell us how you would like to help by filling out the form below.

We need volunteers to:

Host Events

Whether it's an evening fundraiser or a community coffee hour, we would appreciate your hospitality!

Display a Yard Sign

Let your neighbors know that you support Kathryn with a yard sign!

Give an Hour Here or There

We have lots of small jobs for busy people! Envelopes to stuff, errands to run, voters to call, doors to knock!


Support Kathryn with your endorsement

Tell Your Friends

Commit to telling 5 city residents about Kathryn


Tell us how you would like to help!

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Dodge for Mayor

PO Box 74660, Fairbanks, AK 99707