We know that Fairbanks elections can be decided by just a few votes! Your vote could make the difference.

Early Voting

Calendar showing September with September 16th circled and notated "Early voting starts"

Early voting starts on September 16 

8am - 5pm, Mon - Fri

Vote early at the City Clerk's office, 800 Cushman St., or at the FNSB Clerk's office, 809 Pioneer Road

Election Day

Calendar showing October with October 1 circled and notated "Vote!"

Election Day is

Tuesday, October 1 

7:00am - 8:00pm

Vote on October 1 if you didn't vote early or absentee

Where to Vote

Partial map of Fairbanks

Click here for a list of polling places if you know your precinct

Click here to look up your polling place if you aren't sure of your precinct

City of Fairbanks

Map labeled "City of Fairbanks Alaska"

Click here for a map of the City of Fairbanks boundary.

If you live within District 1 or District 2 (except for 02-345), you are a city resident and can vote for Kathryn Dodge for Mayor. Click here to look up your district.

Get a Ride

Photograph of Kathryn Dodge with a bicycle-shaped bicycle rack near the Chena River in Fairbanks

Do you need a ride to the polls for early voting or on October 1?

Email us at and we will find you a ride.